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You may have heard people say, and you may be one of them, that they are not afraid of death but of what they may have to endure during a terminal illness and the death process itself. In our culture we don’t make it easy to talk about death, yet we know that being able to talk about something helps to demystify it, and when something is demystified it is not nearly as frightening as we may have thought beforehand.

The professionals interviewed for What Obituaries Don’t Tell You:  Conversations About Life and Deathemphasized the importance of asking for what one wishes for their final days on earth, but how can a person convey that, or loved ones and medical professionals know unless they talk about it?

There may be more options in knowing what to ask for as far as treatment goes than most people are aware of.  The Gift of a Peaceful Death covers some of these which can be used in conjunction with standard medical care to bring more symptom relief and a more peaceful passing.

When a loss has occurred, whether through death or for another reason, such as divorce, job loss, loss of home, the workbook A Way Through: Healing From Loss guides the reader through the process of identifying all the ways the loss has impacted him or her and gives them resources for working through the grief.

If You Love Me You Will Talk to Me About Dying summarizes the information gained from doing the research and interviews for the first three books, and from her counseling practice. As the author says, “Dying is the journey to the great unknown, yet there are ways to prepare. You will be grateful that you did, and so will those who love you.”

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